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Over 25 years of experience have our back,  we manage small, medium and large size groups.

If you have a group larger than 12 persons, ask for our promotions.
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Constant trips

If you are a tourism agency or guide that is constantly coming to Oaxaca let us know.

Here is one of or costumers experience with us. In each tour feel free to record, take pictures and save moments to remember!
Workshop &shop
We take pride in the ecotourism business.

We have a workshop to take care of our bikes. We have the bike gear you need, visit us at our local store, or arrange an appointment for your bikes check up.
Massive Dynamic

We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.

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Mountain Bike Tours

Mtb tours

Through out the years we have established  work alliances with different companies, agencies, and brands that help us deliver a great experience to all customers.